Sunday, March 5, 2017

SharePoint log error "Cannot find site lookup info for request Uri http://"

There are many reasons for which you can have this error in your SharePoint server logs.
One of the scenerio is explained below.

Main Reason:
One of the major reason for this error is; the SharePoint is not able to resolve the URL. There is something wrong with the alternate access mapping. Please make sure the alternate access mapping is configured properly.
For more details on alternate access mapping in SharePoint, please visit:

We had sharepoint 2016 and all website under that were https:// from the firewall.
When we tried to load the web site, error occured with a Correlation Id.
After checking the code I found the error message "Cannot find site lookup info for request Uri http://".

I URL was able to authenticate the user but on page load the error occurs.

My alternate access mapping was:

https://mysite                                         default                                               https://mysite

This is all right unless the User gets authenticated, but after authentication the next default load url picked by the web is with https:// as it is configured from Firewall not SharePoint. And Alternate access mapping doesn't maps the http:// url to the https://.  That's why we have this error in the log.


Add new internal url to alternate access mapping as following:
http://mysite                                          default                                                https://mysite

Hope this helps......

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